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'Swisscom Internet' - simultaneous internet setup and WLAN configuration for Windows® and Mac

Vienna, 08.11.2011 -

'Swisscom Internet', the latest software designed by for the Swiss market leader, offers an automated WLAN configuration during the setup of the internet access. For usability reasons, both tasks are carried out simultaneously, using an USB stick which contains the installation software and also stores all WLAN data for further use.

Once the software is started, a hidden WLAN connection is established in order to transmit all user-specific WLAN data from the modem to the USB stick where it is stored. This information is then used to configure the 'regular' wireless home network. After that, internet setup can be completed by registering on the Swisscom portal.
'Swisscom Internet' is also the perfect solution for adding computers to the existing WLAN. Users only have to connect the USB stick – everything else is carried out automatically: that’s what we call 'plug & play'.

The software is available in four languages (German, French, Italian, English) and optimised for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS X (incl. OS X Lion). Delivery to Swisscom customers has already begun.

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