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We proudly present our newly constructed team member: m2d2

Vienna, 01.12.2011 -

In autumn we have reworked our CI and made the design of our brand appearance more dynamic, flexible and open. During the course of this revision, the idea came up to introduce a brand character that would give our products a friendly face.

As a result of this idea we proudly present m2d2 – he is an avatar for products that represents expertise in the high-tech sector. He is mobile and technically complex, but thanks to his moveable eyebrows, humanoid form and glowing eyes, he has an almost human ability to express himself. His articulated limbs and universally applicable multi-tools help him to interact with people and machines.

As it is not always easy to explain the functionality of our products simply and concisely it will be m2d2's task to represent complicated technology in a form that humans can grasp.
If you want to find out more about m2d2 visit him on his website: