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KPN Installatie Assistent (Mechanics Edition) – a brand new Internet setup tool for service technicians

Vienna, 15.03.2012 -

KPN – the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands – and bring end users online faster than ever with a new version of the KPN Installatie Assistent. In addition, the revolutionary Internet repair system KPN Assistent ensures that users stay connected.

The ‘KPN Installatie Assistent (Mechanics Edition)’ helps KPN’s service technicians to set up the Internet access and wireless network for KPN’s new customers quickly and comfortably.

This reduces both Internet installation times and calls to customer support.

Internet setup for service technicians

With the KPN Installatie Assistent (Mechanics Edition), we have created something new. Based on a fully developed product (» m2webalizer) that has been in use with millions of end users, the new version combines proven technological foundations with a new GUI, conforming to the usability requirements of KPN’s well trained and experienced service technicians. This way we have created a completely new workflow and user experience for experts.
The new KPN Installatie Assistent (Mechanics Edition) is a streamlined version of the Internet installation software package m2webalizer for service technicians. This way is further reducing Internet installation times for KPN, while equipping end users with the KPN Assistent: a state of the art auto-repair and diagnosis system, based on’s m2selfrepair.

The KPN Installatie Assistent (Mechanics Edition) enables technicians to do the following within minutes:

  • wired and wireless modem configuration (enabling the provisioning through KPN’s ACS/HDM)
  • email account setup and email client configuration
  • browser customisation
  • wireless network configuration (customised settings and secure encryption)
  • adding multiple PCs to a wireless network through PSK files containing all necessary settings
  • installation of the KPN Assistent – the diagnosis and self-care tool based on m2selfrepair

KPN’s service technicians do not need the guidance a regular user would. Instead of using an Internet setup wizard, the experts mark all necessary check boxes for various settings within a single GUI; this ensures a maximum of flexibility and speed.

With the KPN Installatie Assistent (Mechanics Edition) KPN supports their technicians with a tool for even faster Internet installation. It also ensures that all new customers are provided with the KPN Assistent, the real time diagnosis and self-care package m2selfrepair.

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