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m2nordic – establishes Scandinavian office

Vienna, 05.06.2012 -

We are proud to announce that has established a new office in Scandinavia headed by telecommunications business expert Karl Björk.

As a graduate with honours from Stockholm School of Economics in 1989 (with a major in marketing), he has been a professional within international sales and business development from 1990 until today, specialising in high-tech new business development, and he is co-owner of Incoax Networks AB. This makes him perfectly qualified to become head of m2nordic with offices located in Sweden.

As our leading sales representative in Scandinavia Karl Björk becomes a key member of the team. With this move seeks to intensify the contacts to ISPs and operators in Scandinavia.

Karl Björk’s core area of responsibility will comprise the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. However, feel free to contact our m2nordic team, even if not from a Scandinavian country. We will gladly be of assistance!

We are looking forward to great new business ventures with our new office in the north.

m2nordic – contact information

phone: +46-(0)70-5352045
address: Bammarbodavagen 4, 13235 Saltsjo-Boo, Schweden