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Long-standing customer soon to launch sophisticated self-care software for Mac by

Vienna, 12.07.2012 -

When using MacBooks, iMacs, Mac minis sometimes errors and mistakes can happen. Our self-care tool m2selfrepair detects and corrects them in real-time. The automatic diagnosis and repair software recognizes more than 250 Internet-related errors and takes care of them. This leads to satisfied consumers, who will stay online at all times and receive all the support they need – at the same time reducing the number of calls to the customer care center.

Admittedly the proportion of Mac users is low compared to Windows (about 7% across Europe, about 15% in key markets like the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the USA). However, given the success of m2selfrepair for Windows, it is a sound business decision to provide a sophisticated and comprehensive self-care tool to Mac users as well. m2selfrepair doesn’t need a huge customer base to have a significant impact.

Find more information on m2selfrepair on our product page for the smart diagnosis and repair software.

While has been offering m2selfrepair in its version for Mac quite a while now, soon we will introduce a new customised version of m2selfrepair we created for a long-standing customer, an internationally renowned ISP. Once the self-care software has been launched, we will post updates on our website and on Google+.

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