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Easy Configuration of Outlook for Microsoft Exchange® and SharePoint® by Swisscom

Vienna, 20.03.2013 -

Swisscom provides their customers with an automated solution for the fast configuration of Outlook for the Option Teamwork.
Option Teamwork is an addition to the SME Office package and allows Swisscom’s business customers to use Microsoft Exchange® email services (Teammail) and a SharePoint® (Teamshare). The Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant guides all users through all necessary steps and automatically configures Microsoft Outlook® to use Microsoft Exchange® accounts hosted by Swisscom.

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Swisscom is the first ISP to employ’s new business solution for the automated configuration of Outlook for Exchange® accounts.

Support for Microsoft Exchange®, SharePoint® and Outlook®

Once a small or medium enterprise has registered for a Microsoft Exchange® account hosted by Swisscom and has ordered a SME Office package including Option Teamwork, all potential users in the SME have to install and configure the necessary services on their PCs. Replacing print and PDF instructions, Swisscom offers an easy to use, comfortable configuration wizard for Microsoft Exchange® accounts.

All necessary steps are integrated into a single flow: software download, account verification, connection to a SharePoint® drive (Teamshare), including the migration of already existing profiles, emails and contacts into the new account.

The Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant supports Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft® Exchange on the server side and Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 for Windows® and Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X on the client side.

How does the automated configuration process work?

The entire workflow is automated, guiding the user step by step through the The Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant. There is no technical knowledge required – in addition to the wizard, the user only needs the account information provided by Swisscom. All other data (e.g., server information, download links, etc.) have already been included in the The Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant.

Configuration for Windows (example):

  • Introduction (explanation of the process, important information)
  • System check (OS, installed email clients, storage available)
  • Choices: Teammail and Teamshare
  • (Optional) installation of Microsoft Outlook® (provided by Swisscom)
  • Update of Microsoft Outlook® 2007 to 2010
  • Configuration of Microsoft Outlook®
  • (Optional) migration of existing emails, tasks, calendar entries, and contacts
  • (Optional) setup of the Microsoft SharePoint® drive
  • (Optional) installation of Microsoft updates (if necessary)
  • Summary (including contact information and important links)

The clear and comprehensive workflow ensures the easy configuration of Microsoft Outlook® for Microsoft Exchange® accounts.

Additional Information

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