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TR-064 CPE test tool in use by KPN, A1, and their hardware partners ZTE, Arcadyan, ADB, Thomson and Technicolor

Vienna, 28.03.2013 -

TR-064 is an important standard for CPEs. A common standard like TR-064 improves interoperability and facilitates the integration of new CPEs into existing networks. With TR-064 it becomes easy to communicate with modems, routers, set-top boxes, etc. – as long as they offer full support of the TR-064 standard. However, sometimes testing the implementation of all required features is difficult. Often nominally TR-064 compliant devices aren’t that reliable as far as the implementation of the TR-064 standard is concerned.’s testing tool facilitates user acceptance testing of DSL modems, routers, and all other TR-064 compliant devices. The possibility to include custom checks – in addition to the standard TR-064 checks – ensures that custom features of DSL CPEs as agreed in user requirements specifications can be tested as well.

Reduced testing time. Improved test results.

Hardware vendors and telcos have already integrated the TR-064 LAN-side DSL CPE testing tool into their testing processes. Both use the testing tool to their advantage. Two large telcos (the market leading incumbents A1 Telekom Austria AG and KPN) use’s testing tool to make acceptance testing faster and more reliable. Hardware vendors use the tool to ensure compliance with the standards and structures based on TR-064. A standardized check with our testing tool speeds up the testing cycle significantly. Error notifications and debugging information returned by’s testing tool helps with issue fixing and optimization.

The TR-064 testing tool by significantly cuts down on testing time and improves the quality of test results. The tool is fully developed and can easily and quickly be adapted to the need of any hardware vendor or ISP.

How does it work? A single click is enough for a quick overview of all TR-064 commands

The tool tests TR-064 specifications (as defined by the Broadband Forum) on the LAN-side of DSL CPEs. In addition, the TR-064 DSL CPE testing tool is capable of checking additional actions/commands that are not part of TR-064, but have been included by the hardware vendor and are based on TR-064.

The tool has been adapted to include pre-defined profiles of modems currently in operation with our customers to make acceptance testing of modems easier and more efficient. This way each customer can easily test all required features, including custom features, of a supported TR-064 compliant device.

About the TR-064 testing tool (features)
  • Detection of TR-064 capable devices across all network interfaces
  • Management of predefined profiles for newly detected TR-064 capable devices
  • Option to manually assign profiles (based on ISP, vendor, device) for devices if no profile is selected automatically
  • expert mode for custom checks
  • Analysis
    • Entire SSDP-response header displayed
    • Analysis/Check of all get methods
    • Analysis/Check of all set methods
    • Password prompt for restricted commands/actions
    • Functionality checks of all commands/actions
    • output arguments are compared to the TR-064 specifications -> if the output arguments do not match the specifications, warnings and errors are displayed
    • Complete TR-064 structure returned

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