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Another Swiss ISP to launch Wi-Fi channel optimizer by

Vienna, 29.05.2013 -

Wi-Fi channel optimisation remains an important topic in Switzerland. After Swisscom has already done so, another Swiss Internet Service Provider decides to launch the successful Wi-Fi channel optimisation solution by

Less calls to customer support – improved speeds

„There’s some kind of trouble with my Wi-Fi connection! Can you help me?“ – Support staff faces questions like that every day. Wi-Fi channel configuration is very important, but all too often it is ignored. If the channel is configured unfavourably, connection quality – and therefore customer experience – will suffer. With its self-care software delivers a solution. The Wi-Fi channel optimizer (part of our market proven » module m2wlan) improves Wi-Fi channel settings in three steps:

  1. Automatic analysis of all Wi-Fi networks in the surroundings
  2. Automatic calculation of the optimal channel
  3. Automatic channel change on the customer CPE

As all self-care solutions by, the Wi-Fi channel optimizer is easy to use and requires no technical know-how. The result: users enjoy a fast and unhindered Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

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