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Swiss Provider Finecom opts for m2wlan - the Wi-Fi optimisation solution by

Vienna, 31.10.2013 -

Swiss telecommunications provider Finecom Telecommunications AG, who offers Quadruple Play services to home customers under their brand “Quickline”, opted for a solution by, delivering an efficient Wi-Fi channel optimisation tool to home customers. With Quickline WLAN Optimizer, customers can achieve a perfect Wi-Fi configuration quickly and easily. Quickline WLAN Optimizer is based on our market-proven software » m2wlan.

Download: » WLAN Optimizer.

About m2wlan

With its optimisation component, m2wlan addresses an important aspect in wireless home networks: the ideal Wi-Fi broadcast channel for the network is calculated and configured automatically. This improves network stability, speed and signal quality – home users enjoy the best possible Wi-Fi performance and get there quickly and easily. Our solution is already in operation in (among others) the Netherlands and Switzerland, and is now also available to Quickline customers.


» m2wlan – sicheres, schnelles und optimiertes WLAN
» Quickline WLAN Optimizer auf dem Quickline Support-Portal