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What’s behind our successful Wi-Fi Optimizer?

Vienna, 26.02.2015 - has been delivering software applications to renowned ISPs for several years. Due to the rapidly increasing number of devices connected via wireless LAN at home, a strong demand for a Wi-Fi management and optimization tool has recently emerged.


  • customers complain about slow internet connection
  • numerous help desk calls and complaints
  • problem is difficult to diagnose and fix manually by customer


  • user-friendly software
  • automatic network analysis and identification of the optimal channel
  • reduced customer calls to hotline
  • improved customer experience

The Wi-Fi Optimizer is an easy to use software tool that chooses the best Wi-Fi channel for fast internet surfing, changing the configurations of customer CPEs automatically. With a single click, users are able to analyze their computer and check if all settings are correct and if their Wi-Fi needs to be optimized. The Wi-Fi Optimizer examines all networks in the vicinity and calculates the best possible channel for the user. Additionally, the customer is provided with an expert view where all the possible channels and their current capacity are displayed. Furthermore, additional rooms or locations can be analyzed as well in order for users to enjoy a smooth Wi-Fi connection everywhere in their home.

Analyse Wi-Fi network – Calculate optimal channel – Configure new channel and optimise Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Optimizer is available as a standalone tool and as part of the m2suite software. This new tool improves home network and PC settings with full support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Wi-Fi Optimizer: the perfect tool to enhance Wi-Fi experience of existing customers!
Numerous leading ISPs have successfully deployed our Wi-Fi Optimizer: