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Unitymedia opts for the Wi-Fi Optimizer

Vienna, 24.04.2015 - gains yet another customer. Unitymedia has decided to opt for a software solution by and is now offering the Wi-Fi Optimizer to its end users.

The functions of the Wi-Fi Optimizer

This user-friendly software tool calculates the ideal Wi-Fi channel and configures the optimal settings for the user automatically. In a few clicks, users are able to surf the internet faster and with no interferences.

The Wi-Fi Optimizer analyzes all networks in the vicinity and identifies the optimal channel for the user. The expert view provides the interested or tech-savvy individuals with more detailed information on the capacity of the current and surrounding channels. Here, additional rooms or locations can be analyzed in order for users to enjoy a smooth Wi-Fi connection everywhere in their home.

This solution delivers excellent results, thus reducing help desk calls and improving customer experience.

Further information is provided on the website.

Unitymedia now offers the Wi-Fi Optimizer for download on their website.