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New KPN Servicetool Features increase the range of the Home Network

Vienna, 21.08.2015 -

The KPN Servicetool is a product based on the m2suite. The new release is now available on the KPN website for Windows and Mac and provides improved features for the setup, optimisation and extension of the home network.

  • The newly integrated Home Network Optimizer checks the computer and Wi-Fi settings in order to accelerate Internet speed.

  • To increase the home network range, the KPN Servicetool provides illustrated step by step instructions to set up Wi-Fi extenders as well as a separate desktop for the implementation of PowerLAN.


What is PowerLAN?

PowerLAN is a technology that uses electricity lines to transfer internet data and establishes a wider and better home network. PowerLAN adapters are plugged directly in the socket and avoid inconvenient cabling throughout the house. That way internet connectivity can also be provided in areas that would be difficult to reach otherwise. PowerLAN is a good alternative to Wi-Fi extenders for surfing the internet everywhere in the user’s home.