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Great media response to our Wi-Fi self-care app!

Vienna, 26.04.2016 -

Several media refer to our recently launched Wi-Fi self-care app for A1 Telekom Austria – among them the respected, independent, professional online journal telecompaperthe Austrian national daily newspaper Der Standard and tech platform telekom presse.

Find out, what they have to say about the app:

About our Wi-Fi self-care app for A1

Wi-Fi optimisation and modem management are the two hot topics for ISPs and MNOs. The Wi-Fi self-care app by covers them in one smart and easy to use mobile app, offering yet another trend-setting channel for effective customer support and great customer experience.

A1 Telekom Austria – Austria’s biggest telecommunication provider – has recognised the potential of this pioneering technology at an early stage and is extending their self-care portfolio to this new service opportunity. This app launch perfectly complements the comprehensive tools of the m2suite desktop solution – focusing on the most relevant mobile topics

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