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m2speedtest – a self-service tool to boost your Internet performance

Vienna, 02.08.2016 -

m2speedtest is far more than a common speed test tool to measure the transmission speed of Internet data.  As an assistance tool specifically tailored to ISP customers, this comprehensive self-service tool assesses the performance of their Internet connection and fixes possible speed issues.

Thus, m2speedtest essentially contributes to reducing both support calls and cost of ISP customer support.

What makes m2speedtest special?

Slow Internet is a common problem in everyday Internet use. Therefore, online speed tests enjoy great popularity. These so-called end-to-end speed tests measure the transmission speed of Internet data between the terminal device and the Internet.  However, these tools often lack information on the various causes of a reduced performance.  Furthermore, the results are often considered neither comprehensible nor helpful by the average Internet user.  

This is where m2speedtest comes in. The software performs precise measurements on different locations and with different connection types such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi, then, if applicable, checks the results against the upload and download speeds of the customer’s Internet connection. Thus, detailed results on the current Internet speed are obtained on the one hand, and possible speed issues are tracked down on the other.

Next, instead of leaving ISP customers on their own, m2speedtest helps them understand and evaluate the results of the speed measurement, allowing even computer-inexperienced customers to get an overview of their home network performance. By offering recommendations tailored to the specific situation of each and every customer, m2speedtest helps fix Internet problems and improve the performance of the Internet connection in a sustainable manner.

Whereas common speed tests often display incomprehensible results and warnings, inevitably triggering customer support calls, m2speedtest aims at target group-oriented user education and support, assisting Internet customers with fixing speed problems on their own and without the need of customer support.

It’s all about the features

m2speedtest is just one application of the broad range of self-service tools supporting Internet customers to manage and optimise their home internet on their own.  By performing three simple steps, m2speedtest checks the Internet speed rate and takes effective improvement measures.

  • A short and simple click flow measures upload and download speeds as well as ping rates, comparing the results to the available line speed.
  • Colour-coded result displays (traffic-lights system) allow a comprehensible overview and check the existing data transfer rate against home network applications.
  • Recommendations and assistance by automated support tools help to increase home network performance.

Moreover, m2speedtest offers advanced features containing more detailed analyses and results for experienced Internet customers and field service technicians.

  • The expert view shows further data of the home network that might be useful to track down further error sources.

  • The multi-room analysis allows the measuring of the Internet speed at several positions in the customer’s home, then establishing high-quality Internet coverage throughout the customer’s home.

  • Distinct IDs and time stamps, as well as individual naming of the measured locations and a history of the measured results provide clarity and an easier comparison of the measurements.


Examples of the m2speedtest within the m2suite for WIN and Mac


Features of m2speedtest, tailored to ISPs

  1. Keeping speed promises – Internet speed is an essential indicator on which customers rate the ISP’s performance. m2speedtest allows to approach this important topic in a proactive way, resolving speed issues through targeted measures and thus, keeping the ISP’s speed promise towards the customers.

  2. Reducing support calls – m2speedtest allows customers to better understand the various real speeds. By offering comprehensible and target-group oriented support, m2speedtest effectively reduces call centre cost.

  3. Gaining data from the customer’s home network – During the measurements, m2speedtest collects valuable data from the customer’s home network and provides these to the ISP in an anonymised way through the analytics platform.

  4. Improved customer service – As a self-service and support tool for Internet customers and field service technicians, m2speedtest essentially improves customer service by fixing Internet connection problems fast and smoothly.

  5. Context-related and demand-oriented cross and upselling offers such as Wi-Fi extenders, Powerline adapters or more performant Internet packages are no longer perceived as obtrusive ads by the customer but as helpful offers.

  6. ISP-specific branding – m2speedtest is fully adapted to the ISP’s corporate design, thus integrating seamlessly into existing support services and strengthening the customer’s service perception.


The full feature range of m2speedtest

  • Measurement of downloads, uploads and ping rates

  • Evaluation of the measured bandwidth based on the purchased Internet package

  • End-to-end speed measurement between terminal devices and the Internet

  • In-home speed measurement between terminal devices and the modem

  • Colour-coded result display with traffic light system for ease of comprehension

  • Application-based hints on optimisation

  • Extended features such as expert view and multi-room measurements

  • Speed measurement for both, ethernet and Wi-Fi, including speed comparison

  • Compatible with numerous other Wi-Fi and optimisation tools, such as Wi-Fi Optimizer and Home Network Connectivity Guide

  • Detailed result reports containing more information on the Wi-Fi connection and extended measurement results

  • Easy connection to the ISP speed test server at any time, including the configuration of a specific ISP speed test server with appropriate data packages.

  • Available as part of m2suite, m2selfcare app and the field service technician tools

  • Available for the most common operating systems such as WIN, MAC, Android, and iOS