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m2suite supports macOS Sierra

Vienna, 07.10.2016 -

Apple’s new desktop operating system – macOS Sierra – is available since the end of September, providing interesting new features such as Siri, a photo-app with face recognition and extended iCloud support.

m2suite, our modular self-service solution for all Internet related topics, has already been adapted to the requirements of macOS Sierra and is running perfectly on the new operating system. Our developers have already worked with the pre-version and now they have put our modules to the test with the “real” macOS Sierra as well.

This is good news. And of course, we are going to keep an eye on the developments of the supported operating systems.

About m2suite

m2suite is the market proven self-care software for the Internet and telecommunications industry. It offers an attractive, widespread solution for all systems, easily adaptable and expandable at any time to meet the needs of the ISPs and MNOs. Thus, it provides a sustainable framework for flexible adaptations concerning future challenges and trends in the digital self-care support.

For more information about the m2suite and further self-care products by visit our website’s product pages.