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My Swisscom Assistant emphasizes Internet security and usability

Vienna, 24.11.2016 -

The protection of the computer system is crucial for safe Internet surfing. The latest release of the My Swisscom Assistant focuses on the topic of Internet security and offers a number of new Internet Security features. To this end, a range of automated m2suite self-care features have been put together on a newly designed Internet & security desktop, allowing users to monitor the security status of their computer systems and, if necessary, to improve these.

With the integration of this important and current topic in the My Swisscom Assistant, Swisscom proves its service orientation and foresight yet again by proactively improving the users’ Internet experience.

Top three new features of the Internet & security desktop of My Swisscom Assistant

Real-time security status

One important innovation for this release is the new Internet security widget which is included as part of the Internet & security desktop. This widget displays the status of the most important security components in the computer system (firewall, anti-virus protection, security updates, etc.) clearly arranged and in real-time. For each of these components, users can see at a glance whether the system is protected or if the security settings should be improved.

With a single click on the displayed security status, users are guided directly to the optimisation flow, where the status of the firewall and anti-virus programs can be checked. Here, users may also check for the latest updates that need to be installed, thus closing any possible security gaps.

Delete Internet traces

While surfing the Internet, browsers store a large amount of data (texts, images, URLs, form data, passwords, etc.) locally on the operating system. This information makes surfing easier for the user, as the visited websites and previously entered data are quickly available. Furthermore, they also provide insight into the surfing behavior and can compromise users’ privacy.

This feature offers a simple and secure possibility to delete data that are no longer needed and thus protects the user’s privacy while surfing. Upon starting the application with a click, all browsers that are installed on the system are scanned for potentially deletable data. The results are clearly listed for each browser, enabling users to manually select the data to be deleted via checkboxes.

Clean up

The feature PC Care provides a quick and simple solution to common problems such as memory exhaustion or decreasing computer power. It automatically seeks out unnecessary files and displays the amount of storage space gained by deleting them. A well-structured overview allows the user to easily choose the files to be deleted.

Additional functions introduced in the My Swisscom Assistant

  • Photorealistic 3D animations illustrate the correct cabling of Swisscom Internet boxes.
  • The comprehensive Wi-Fi tips and tricks (which can be opened via the Wi-Fi deksktop) support users in setting up and optimising their Wi-Fi.
  • The Wi-Fi data infosheet displays the current Wi-Fi Data (SSID, PSK, encryption) for both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency in a handy overview. These data can be printed or saved on the computer. In addition, Wi-Fi data may also be displayed as a QR code, thus enabling users to easily transfer their Wi-Fi data to mobile devices.
  • The list of supported modems has been extended to include a new modem model (Internet Box 2). Additionally, the appropriate cabling instructions for initial setup have been integrated in the My Swisscom Assistant.
  • The updated e-mail widget displays an overview of the users e-mail accounts, their current status (configured/not configured, fully functional/limited functionality, fully functional/inoperable) and further relevant e-mail data (e-mail program, e-mail protocol).
  • Changeover to JSON for a modern and dynamic administration of manuals and editorial content.
  • The latest release of My Swisscom Assistant has been adapted to the requirements of macOS Sierra and is running perfectly on the new operating system.
  • Comprehensive reengineering and enhanced usability of the My Swisscom Assistant.

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