Home network and improved usability: the new My Swisscom Assistant

Vienna, 20.06.2017 -

The optimal home network and its setup are an important topic for many people. The new version of the My Swisscom Assistant helps beginners and pros to optimise and extend their home network. A new desktop offers a collection of features and helps users to reach all corners of their home with perfect Internet connectivity.

Swisscom enables its customers to make all the necessary installation processes on their own and offers not only the necessary devices, but also a customised software solution for a fast and satisfying home network optimisation.

Home network desktop

With the home network desktop to the best Internet experience

Reboot router

Restarting the modem/router is recommended for some Internet problems. This tile lets users reboot the modem easily on their own.

Measure WiFi signal strength

Measure WiFi signal strength

The user can access the „ Measure WLAN signal strength” feature on the home network desktop in order to measure the current WiFi reception quality. A clear diagram shows the WiFi quality, ranging from green for good reception to red for bad reception. This way, users can improve their WiFi reception with a few simple steps, e.g. by changing the position of the modem.

WiFi extender

A WiFi extender helps to further improve the home network. By clicking on the “WLAN Repeater” tile, the user can set up a WiFi extender; a step by step instruction helps even beginners to extend their WiFi range. Furthermore, the user can also add new adapters to his existing setup or connect to an available WiFi extender manually. An additional tile on the home network desktop allows the user access to the online shop to buy WiFi extenders.

Always the right window size

The My Swisscom Assistant features one of the latest functions of our m2suite: The possibility to change the window size as desired. The content adapts to the available space and therefore enables an optimal work environment on every device and screen size.

E-mail Online Guides integration

Swisscom supports its customers with extended tools for e-mail safety and setup. Therefore, the e-mail online guide is integrated in the My Swisscom Assistant. The guide provides step by step instructions with customer’s personalised information; all the customers need to do is to enter the displayed information in their e-mail program.

Additional improvements in this release

  • adapted and redesigned e-mail flow based on the latest version of the m2suite
  • reworked tile structure on the desktops to guarantee the best possible usability
  • further changes and improvements of the overall design to provide a consistent user experience
  • improved support of the network & service status even when the user is offline

You can download the latest version of The My Swisscom Assistant on the Swisscom homepage.

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