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New customer: Belgian incumbent Proximus chooses

Vienna, 12.10.2017 -

We are proud to announce that yet another renowned telecommunications & ICT company has acknowledged the benefits and quality of our self-care solutions and has become a new customer.

Proximus is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels. The company ambitions to become a digital service provider, connecting everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter. They deliver Internet to more than 1.9 million Belgian households, have over 1.5 million TV subscribers and more than 3.8 million mobile postpaid customers. Proximus is also active in Luxembourg through its affiliates Telindus Luxembourg and Tango and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. Its subsidiary BICS offers best-in-class international wholesale solutions for voice and mobile data service providers worldwide. Learn more about Proximus’ self-care solution and the features they offer their customers.

About is the leading European tech company for Digital Self-Care & Customer Experience Solutions in telco business. Our products empower Internet users to help themselves without having to call the customer hotline and support them throughout the entire customer journey: from quick product onboarding and automated troubleshooting, Wi-Fi configuration and optimisation to a flawless daily Internet experience.

Our core product m2suite offers a comprehensive solution for both ISP and MNO requests, supporting all screens and systems. For more information about the m2suite and further self-care products by visit our website’s product pages.