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New customer: T-Mobile selects as new self-care supplier

Vienna, 08.11.2017 -

We are happy to announce that was chosen by T-Mobile as the new supplier for the delivery of our renowned and market proven self-care solutions. We are already customising our newest solutions to fit the needs of
T-Mobile and are looking forward to a successful launch soon!

Deutsche Telekom is present in more than 50 countries together with its subsidiaries, T-Mobile among others. With a staff of 218,300 employees, they generated a revenue of 73.1 billion Euros in the 2016 fiscal year. Europe, Africa, Asia, North America or South America, Telekom and its subsidiaries are represented worldwide. is the leading European tech company for Digital Self-Care & Customer Experience solutions in telco business. Our products empower Internet users to help themselves without having to call the customer hotline and support them throughout the entire customer journey: from quick product onboarding and automated troubleshooting, Wi-Fi configuration and optimisation to a flawless daily Internet experience.