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Quickline expands its self-care solutions with

Vienna, 18.12.2017 -

We are proud to announce that Quickline is expanding its existing Internet self-care solutions with m2suite and Online Guides. Together with the ISP, the existing and market proven self-service solutions will be developed further and launched in the following few months. Thereby, Quickline wants to support its customers even more effectively with all Internet related questions, by offering tools that specifically help customers with their Internet problems.

Quickline LogoThe Quickline group is one of the leading full service providers of entertainment and communication in Switzerland; the products are aimed at residential and business customers as well as network operators. Together with 23 independent network operators, the Quickline group supplies approximately 400,000 households in the Swiss cable network market and is therefore the third largest TV provider and the fourth largest Internet and telephone provider in Switzerland. is the leading European tech company for Digital Self-Care & Customer Experience Solutions in telco business. Our products empower Internet users to help themselves without having to call the customer hotline and support them throughout the entire customer journey: from quick product onboarding and automated troubleshooting, Wi-Fi configuration and optimisation to a flawless daily Internet experience.