Proximus Home Optimizer for Android & iOS

After a successful launch last year, developed the next level of mobile self-care! Proximus launched a new version of the Proximus Home Optimizer to expand the support for customers not only on Android, but also on iOS. Based on m2suite mobile, this release adds many new Wi-Fi functions as well as different improvements in the user experience.

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New design and better performance

An excellent user experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to mobile applications. The user interface of the Proximus Home Optimizer was improved in many details; including a fully redesigned navigation system to empower customers to easily access all important features for their daily Internet usage. Great design alone does not guarantee great experience; therefore, the overall performance as well as the loading times have been improved, so that users can reach their goal even more quickly.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

A wide array of new functions and features

Measure and extend

In the first phase, the Proximus Home Optimizer was already the best choice to optimise Wi-Fi and gain more insight on how Wi-Fi works. Now, with the introduction of the “Wi-Fi Signal Strength Measurement” feature this is expanded even more: With a precise real-time display of the current Wi-Fi signal, users can measure the best spots for all Wi-Fi devices and their modem. The app also supports users should they need more range by offering the “Wi-Fi extender placement” feature. With it, it is clear and easy to find the best position for the Wi-Fi extender even for beginners.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

Wi-Fi networks at a glance

Nowadays, many devices are connected via Wi-Fi at the same time, therefore, keeping an overview is getting difficult for many users. The “Network Scan” feature offers users a practical and clear list of all devices using the same Wi-Fi network. This also includes detailed information about the recognised devices, ranging among others from the IP address to the device name and the MAC address. Additionally, with the “Wi-Fi Access Point” feature, users can discover even more information about the Wi-Fi networks in their surroundings. All available Wi-Fi networks are listed and display valuable information about their current status and signal strength, as well as many more data such as the currently used channel and Wi-Fi frequency. This way, users even have a view into the Wi-Fi networks they are currently not connected to.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

Existing features better than ever

Wi-Fi - Better graphical overview

A new release includes not only new features, but also improvements in already existing ones. For Wi-Fi, this means a better graphical overview with the re-worked “Wi-Fi Detail View” and “Wi-Fi environment” features. Now, better than ever, users are able to determine the Wi-Fi quality as well as the available Wi-Fi channel capacity. Our customers receive regular product improvements and enhancements as part of our standard product maintenance.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

Connection at the fingertip

Changes also include the “Connect to Wi-Fi” feature; developed to further assist customers with the easy and stress-free setup of a new Wi-Fi connection. The users choose the desired Wi-Fi connection from a list; the Proximus Home Optimizer then guides through the full connection process.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

Now also for iOS!

To support even more customers, Proximus now offers its app also for iOS. This includes many of the most popular functions and features of the Android version, where technically possible.

The best Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi channel optimisation is one of the core features of the Proximus Home Optimizer. A clear interface allows users to set the desired Wi-Fi channel easily. Additional Wi-Fi tips and tricks offer further help with any possible Wi-Fi challenges for users to solve them on their own.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

Reset Wi-Fi channel

In addition to all the insight the users gain, they are able also to optimise and change the Wi-Fi settings of the modem. The latest version of the Proximus Home Optimizer also allows users to reset the Wi-Fi channel back to the “auto” settings of the modem directly from the app.

More than a speed test

Another customer favourite, the Internet speed test, is now also offered to iOS users. The speed test of the Proximus Home Optimizer measures not just the download, upload and ping speeds, but simplifies these and assists users with extensive ratings. With this feature, customers immediately see which services they can use, whether it is browsing, e-mails or video streaming.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

An overview of all Wi-Fi devices

Taking a good and precise look at all devices is an important step on the road to the best Wi-Fi. The Proximus Home Optimizer offers the right tool for this challenge. The “Network scan” feature provides users with a clear and handy list of all Wi-Fi devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Additional information about each device (name, IP address, etc.) helps to pin down the specific device and assists even experts in finding everything they need.

Proximus Home Optimizer für Android & iOS

Proximus Home Optimizer – Internet self-care for all mobile devices

With the latest release of the Proximus Home Optimizer, customers receive important new features and functions to improve their daily Internet lives: Wi-Fi Signal Strength Measurement, Wi-Fi Extender Placement and a practical overview of all Wi-Fi networks help to enhance the daily Wi-Fi usage. Additional quality improvements increase the overall user experience, as it is a tool that is not only practical but also fun to use. Furthermore, with the new addition of the iOS app, users can now optimise their Wi-Fi from any mobile device and get the best wireless Internet experience!