Quickline E-Mail Guides – The universal help to set-up e-mails

Quickline launches the Quickline E-Mail Guide and supports its customers in setting up and repairing Quickline e-mail addresses in an e-mail program. Based on the flexible mquadr.at online guides, Quickline relies on an interactive setup help that covers all e-mail related questions the customers may have.

Step by step to a perfectly set up e-mail account

The Quickline E-Mail Guides walks the customer through the entire e-mail setup: The user just needs to enter the e-mail address; the rest will be shown in several steps with the appropriate screenshots, so the user learns how to set up the e-mail account in the chosen program. In every step, the data that needs to be entered in the e-mail-program is accurately shown; additional numbers and textual descriptions help the user to stay on track.

Fast repair if e-mails don’t work

Quickline wants to help not only with e-mail setup, but also once the e-mail address is already set up, since problems can happen here as well (e.g. wrong security settings). The E-Mail Guides also support the user in this case and show exactly, how existing Quickline e-mail accounts need to be configured and where to find all the settings needed.

Responsive and perfect usability

Using cutting edge navigation, combined with a carefully thought out structure, the users always know how far they are in the setup process. When steps have already been performed or if there are any uncertainties, it is very easy to jump forward or backward. Additionally, this web based application is, of course, developed to offer the best overview on all screen sizes and devices.

A plethora of e-mail programs

Whether it is Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, the Quickline E-Mail Guides cover all operating systems. E-mail programs such as Outlook or Apple Mail, as well as Thunderbird or the e-mail clients integrated in the operating systems are also included. Additionally, specific features of the different clients are covered, so that in the end users can send and receive their e-mails without any worries.

Easy e-mail setup

E-mails are still an essential factor in the fast and uncomplicated communication via different platforms and e-mail programs make dealing with this even easier. The Quickline E-Mail Guides help users set up their Quickline e-mail on their own device quickly and easily, and therefore significantly reduce calls regarding e-mail setup. Since the Quickline E-Mail Guides are available online from every device, it is very easy to use them in customer support. This way users receive excellent support, no matter which device they access the guides from.