Telefónica Germany selects our m2suite home for their dsl self-service solutions

Telefónica Germany decides to make the already well-known o2 Service Suite based on the m2suite home with new features and a fresh look even more attractive for its customers. Therefore, in addition to the proven solutions, new exciting and helpful features for o2 DSL customers are currently being developed in cooperation with Telefónica. Among many other features, customers can expect a noticeable expansion of the o2 Service Suite functionalities in the home network area due to the support of all DSL & VDSL routers.

o2 Logo Telefónica Germany offers telecommunications services for private and business customers as well as innovative digital products and services in the field of Internet of Things and data analysis. The majority of the company is owned by the Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica S.A. based in Madrid. With a presence in 21 countries and a customer base of almost 350 million connections, the group is one of the largest telecommunication providers in the world. Under the core brand o2 and various partner brands, the company sells mail products as well as prepaid mobile communications products with innovative mobile data services. The basis for this is the mobile communications network based on a high-performance GSM, UMTS and LTE infrastructure. Telefónica Germany also provides in the fixed-line network segment telephony and high-speed Internet products such as VDSL. is the leading European tech company for Digital Self-Care & Customer Experience Solutions in telco business. Our products empower Internet users to help themselves without having to call the customer hotline and support them throughout the entire customer journey: from quick product onboarding and automated troubleshooting, Wi-Fi configuration and optimisation to a flawless daily Internet experience.