Qelp & mquadr.at announce strategic partnership, helping people to outsmart home network problems

The partnership will focus on helping Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & companies in the SmartHome field to deliver better digital support experience and in-home automation. Enabling end-users to solve their support issues both online and offline via self-service has proven to be an effective way to reduce support calls and improve customers’ satisfaction. Combining decades of industry experience and in-house engineering capabilities will empower us to deliver the most comprehensive support solution on the market

mquadr.at & Qelp

Victor van Baal, managing director at Qelp:

“We help people outsmart technology. We do that by providing self-service support experiences that reduce friction, build customer engagement, strengthen brand loyalty and ultimately drive revenue. Our partnership with mquadr.at will enable us to redefine the Internet self-service support and strengthen our SmartHome & IoT support capabilities.”

Markus Pöhl, managing director at mquadr.at:

“We create software that makes a flawless daily Internet experience possible. We are right there, where most Internet problems occur: within the home network, directly at the end-customers device. As experts for in-home communication protocols we are able to “talk” to every device and gateway and therefore provide unique insights to the user’s real situation. Pairing this competency with Qelp will create a whole new level in digital self-care and enables us to extend our range of support.”

About Qelp

Qelp a SYKES company is the global leader in online self-service software for any device and service. With over 70+ clients worldwide we are responsible for the online support experience of over 400 million end-users. With our clients, we typically achieve 20% call reduction on high call drivers. We deliver superior customer experience in every support channel and reduce costs by deflecting unnecessary support calls. Making it easy for your customers to solve their issues online improves their satisfaction (NPS) and strengthens loyalty.

About mquadr.at

mquadr.at empowers Internet users. As the leading European tech company for digital self-care solutions in the telco industry, our products enable end-customers of ISPs to onboard, troubleshoot and optimise their home network without external assistance. The software provides unique features such as intelligent self-repair and room-by-room Wi-Fi optimisation and is available as an iOS and Android app for mobile devices, as well as a desktop version. Key benefits for ISPs include a material reduction in calls to the support helpline, in the average handling time of customer calls and in modem (CPE) returns, as well as an improved end customer experience.