The new My Swisscom Assistant: premium features for automated self-service beyond classical Internet related topics

Swisscom is launching a new version of the free support program My Swisscom Assistant. Based on “m2suite home”, the My Swisscom Assistant was further developed by and Swisscom as well as extended with several premium functions. Additionally to the usual areas of managing, setting up and repairing their Swisscom Internet access, Swisscom now also supports its customers in areas such as Internet security and special “My Service” content, such as PC maintenance, system diagnostics, and much more.

“My Service” premium features

The most important innovation in the My Swisscom Assistant is the integration of the “My Service” functions. “My Service” is the support subscription by Swisscom for technical issues. In addition to the regular support, the subscription includes phone support by special “My Service” experts. Also, the My Swisscom Assistant now offers “My Service” features that cover other areas than the classical topics related to Internet access. These premium subscription functions enable Internet and PC security checks, PC performance optimization, and the automatic fixing of various problems with the personal computer. The new My Swisscom Assistant communicates autonomously with the internal customer support system of Swisscom. This means that after a customer successfully logs in, the potential subscription status can be determined interactively. If the customer has a “My Service” subscription, all new features regarding Internet security and system maintenance will be unlocked.

MyService Desktop

The “system diagnosis” is especially useful, as it offers customers compact and clear information about the state of all areas of their PC:

Delete Internet traces: Detailed analysis

PC clean: Short analysis

All features that are included in the system diagnosis can also be run as individual functions in the My Swisscom Assistant. In that case, the extended versions of these features offer even more functions and detailed displays. As special comfort, users can activate a reminder function (also individual per feature). As of course the PC is best protected and works as smoothly as possible if these functions are run at regular intervals, these reminders, that can be set at a freely chooseable time per week, will help to keep the PC safe and fast.

PC Maintenance” - Detailed analysis

Also part of the “My Service” area are the “Windows Quick Links”. They allow users to quickly and easily access shortcuts to helpful Windows functions.

Additional support and remote access for troubleshooting

There is also a solution in case users of the My Swisscom Assistant need support with more individual questions about their PC or WLAN, or if they have problems with their Internet access: the feature “Remote Support” allows users to quickly grant a call center agent access to their PC during a call with the Swisscom hotline.

Home Desktop Remote-Support-Code-Input

The call center agent can now directly start actions or analyses on the PC of the customer with the new My Swisscom Assistant. This is an enormous advantage, as it is often difficult for customers to clearly define their problems. The agent also has the option to temporarily unlock premium functions for the customer in case the customer does not have a subscription. All necessary analysis tools can be started through the My Swisscom Assistant. This way, the agent does not have to use any additional software or install it on the customer’s PC.

The temporary unlocking of the “My Service“ functions also allows the customer to get to know the advantages and features of the subscription. At the same time, the remote access is a straightforward way for troubleshooting.

Numerous further improvements of the My Swisscom Assistant

In addition to the already mentioned major changes to the My Swisscom Assistant, other new features were integrated. Also, several popular and trusted functions were optimized:

Manage WLAN profiles

RAM workload realtime diagram