Quick, simple, automated: Magenta Router Hilfe now also helps with every step of the home network extension

Magenta Telekom is releasing a new version of the Router Hilfe app. The Router Hilfe app is based on the current m2suite mobile by mquadr.at , the latest generation of the popular Internet self-service solution for mobile devices. Geared to the needs of Magenta, the app supports users in all topics related to their router and their entire home network. These include the Internet first-time setup, managing the router and home network, and extending the home network as well. The app is accessible to both Android and iOS users. The main focus of the many new features is the extension of the home network and the improvement of the Wi-Fi at home by using Powerline adapters and Wi-Fi repeaters. In addition, existing features have been reworked and expanded.

The app can already be downloaded in the Play Store or App store:

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Faster home network with Powerline adapters

The biggest new feature is the setup assistant for Powerline. It helps users easily improve their Wi-Fi quality and range at home with the newly set up Powerline adapters. The assistant supports all routers by Magenta and covers all necessary steps for a trouble-free installation of the adapters. The installation starts with an overview of the devices, which are shown and explained in the assistant. After this basic step, the connection to the router is set up. Then, the adapters are quickly paired via WPS. To make this step even more comfortable, the necessary data (Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password, and device password) can be scanned via OCR-Scan (= the label or sticker on the inner side of the Powerline adapter can be scanned with the integrated camera of the mobile device). This makes the annoying manual entering of the data obsolete, as they can now be scanned from the label directly. The Router Hilfe app recognises the data automatically and establishes the connection automatically as well. As soon as all devices are connected and positioned, the adapter settings are adjusted as the final step of the installation.


Improved Wi-Fi range with Wi-Fi repeaters

The new Router Hilfe app covers the installation of Wi-Fi repeaters with a dedicated assistant as well. Similar to the assistant for Powerline, users are being led through the installation with graphics and accompanying explanations. Also, this assistant supports scanning the Wi-Fi data from the label on the Wi-Fi repeater directly. This means that there is no tedious manual entering of the data here either. After connecting the repeater to the router, the Wi-Fi data of the repeater is aligned with the Wi-Fi data of the router to complete the simple installation.


After finishing the setup, the assistant offers additional help for finding the best position for the new Wi-Fi repeater: the feature “Position Wi-Fi repeater” helps Android users find the optimal spot by using real-time measurements and their well-founded results. Due to restrictions by Apple, the guide for finding the best spot for iOS has been integrated into the assistant directly. iOS users do not just get manual guides, but can also use the interactive Wi-Fi speed measurement in order to determine the best position for their repeater. This way, users can install new devices independently and are taken care of from the first to the last step of the extension of their home network.


Guide for better Wi-Fi

Helps to decide between between Powerline adapters and Wi-Fi repeaters

It isn’t always easy to decide what technology to use when the Wi-Fi at home is not powerful enough. That’s why the Router Hilfe app now includes the “Guide for better Wi-Fi”. It helps users find out whether Powerline adapters or Wi-Fi repeaters are better suited for their home network. To do so, they answer a series of questions in order to narrow down the problem and to have an individual solution offered to them (e.g. in how many rooms or on how many levels does the problem occur or what speed is needed). At the end, the Wi-Fi quality at the affected spot is measured to provide users with an even more detailed result. Afterwards, the guide suggests the fitting technology, which can be bought in the Magenta Shop directly. Also, the setup assistants mentioned above can be started easily from within this feature.


In addition, the guide provides more general information about Powerline, Wi-Fi repeaters, and the differences between Wi-Fi and LAN. Well-formulated explanations and lists in bullet point form explain the pros and cons of the respective technology to the users. This way, the technologies they use every day become more tangible and easier to understand. This form of user education is important to make it easier for them to engage with these topics on their own as well as to prevent problems caused by the users themselves.


Wi-Fi guest account

Another new function of the Router Hilfe app is the option of setting up a Wi-Fi only for guests. This is especially popular nowadays, as users will often want to grant guests access to their Wi-Fi without giving away the actual Wi-Fi password. This way, guests cannot access the home network itself and only have access to the Internet. As a dedicated feature in the category “My router”, the guest Wi-Fi can be enabled, disabled, and managed easily. In addition, the Wi-Fi data can be shared with others through the feature directly or shown as a QR code. This makes it even simpler for guests to connect.

Note: The Internet Flex Box B535 and all FRITZ!Boxes support the guest Wi-Fi function.

Guest Wi-Fi

Extension of existing features

Existing features have been reworked in this version of the Router Hilfe app as well. Since users are often unsure what router they have, they can now simply scan the label on the back of the router at the beginning of the Internet setup assistant using the camera of their mobile device. The assistant recognises all relevant data (e.g. router name, Wi-Fi data, etc.) using the integrated “OCR scan” and then starts the setup flow for the respective Internet access technology. Additionally, the Internet setup was extended to now also support users with the setup of a DSL access.

The list of supported routers within the app has been expanded with even more well-known manufacturers. It now includes support of DSL routers by AVM FRITZ!Box and the Alcatel Linkhub LTE routers.

Internet setup assistant