High-speed home network: The new o2 DSL Service Suite now also helps with Powerline

The new o2 DSL Service Suite is all about extending the home network. In addition to the existing features, it now also offers complete integration of Powerline and added support for setting up and managing telephones. Since the o2 DSL Service Suite is based on the latest version of m2suite home, the customers of o2 automatically receive a boost in performance too.

Fast surfing everywhere with Powerline

It is often difficult to have fast Wi-Fi in all rooms and corners at home. To ensure this, specific technologies are necessary. However, these can be difficult for users to install and manage. The o2 DSL Service Suite offers the perfect solution for this challenge – with the newly added integration of Powerline, it supplies users with fast Internet in their entire home network.

It begins directly with the setup of the Powerline adapters and leads from managing them to analysing where a stronger Wi-Fi connection is needed. All functions are united under the new “Powerline desktop” on which users can easily orient themselves and start the desired function.

Users of the o2 DSL Service Suite are guided and supported every step along the way. For example, the o2 DSL Service Suite leads them through the setup process of a Powerline network, which then can easily be done by the users themselves, as the suite guides them with instructions and illustrations. This way, setting up and adding new Powerline adapters happens quickly and without an increase in service calls.

As an especially innovative feature, users can open an interactive, graphical overview of the Powerline network via “Manage Powerline network”. In this overview, they can see all connections between the devices as well as the speed between two specific Powerline adapters. This makes it very easy to find spots in which the network connection is not enough, and customers can then solve the problem by themselves without hassle.

In addition, users can individually manage already existing Powerline adapters. A simple click on the details of an adapter allows, for example, renaming, resetting, or removing the adapter. Also, users can save the settings of an adapter and later import them again.

Powerline desktop

Powerline topology

Setting up telephones made easy

Managing DECT telephones can be done easily with the help of the o2 DSL Service Suite as well. Installing wired and wireless phones was already a popular feature of the previous versions, which was reworked in the release of summer 2019. In it, the functions for call forwarding and calling line identification restriction (CLIR) were added for almost all supported routers. Now, these features are also available for the o2 HomeBox 6641, meaning that with this release, all supported routers offer the functionality. With supported routers by AVM FRITZ!Box, users now also gain access to the answering machine function. With all these features, users can help themselves when setting up or managing telephones by using the o2 DSL Service Suite.