The best support for everyone: o2 DSL Service Suite now also available for macOS

o2 now also offers the o2 DSL Service Suite to Mac users for a smooth everyday Internet experience. The self-service software by offers full support to o2’s customers with macOS devices. The support includes help with setting up and managing the Internet access as well as many topics related to the router and home network.

o2 DSL Service Suite Teaser

The comprehensive functions of the o2 DSL Service Suite are divided into themed desktops and can be started and explored from there:

The Home desktop is the starting point of the o2 DSL Service Suite and contains the most important and most often used functions: the current status and speed of the Internet connection are shown. In case of interruptions, these are automatically displayed in real time and can be repaired by the o2 DSL Service Suite with just a few clicks. In addition, users can check the status of a service ticket that has been created in the o2 web portal (e.g. relating to an interruption) with just one click - no need to call the hotline.

The Wi-Fi desktop offers all important functions for adjusting or optimising the personal Wi-Fi. Users can easily manage their Wi-Fi connection and extend their home network with these features. The o2 DSL Service Suite also helps with the first-time setup of the users’ Internet connection and guides them with detailed instructions and assistants.

On the Wi-Fi router desktop, further functions for managing the router are available. The user can easily restart the router or access the web interface from there. Even changing the router altogether (e.g. because of a move) can be done in just a few steps. In addition, this desktop is also home to the telephone assistant, which allows users to set up and manage one or several telephones.

The o2 Services desktop offers a clear overview of additional o2 services, which can be directly started from within the o2 DSL Service Suite. The user can view personal customer data or bills, receive help with service interruptions or moving, or reach the forums of the o2 Community.

The o2 DSL Service Suite for macOS supports the o2 HomeBoxes 6441 and 6741 as well as the AVM FRITZ!Boxes offered by o2.