Empowering customers and relieving service centres

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NetCologne, Telefónica Germany and, most recently, EWE AG. All three are using software that is supposed to significantly relieve the service centres of telecommunication providers.

Many customers are facing challenges when setting up their routers. At times, allegedly broken routers are being returned to the provider. Since most customers contact the service centres, these have become the main hub for and indicator of good service.

Among others, NetCologne, Telefónica Germany and, most recently, EWE AG are drawing on the software solution “m2suite” of the Austrian company mquadr.at.

Setting up with interactive assistants

“The software takes the customer by the hand in all matters, from setting up to managing. With interactive assistants, it makes Internet setup easy.”, explains Tanja Klärner, commercial manager at mquadr.at.

This way, the software is independent from the manufacturer – the entire app with all its tools can be used offline. However, the first-time setup is usually done via mobile connection to “unlock” the offline mode.

Practical use

This is what it looks like in practice: During the setup of the Internet access, the customer scans the router label using a smartphone. The software recognises the router type, the access technology, the Wi-Fi and router data, and the serial number. Afterwards, the customer receives all necessary information to finish the setup and unlocking.


At the same time, the software analyses the transmitted data. A check in the background controls whether a strong and secure password and Wi-Fi encryption have been chosen. If this is not the case, it suggests secure data and sets it on the modem directly once the user has confirmed the data.

Surplus values for the users

There are even more services offered to the users, which can also be managed via app. They allow users to create a QR code of their Wi-Fi password, print it, or send it to other devices in the home network.

Other features include child protection or controlling Smart Home devices. In addition, users can measure the Wi-Fi signal or run a speed test. Interactive diagnosis tools then explain how to remedy a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Implementation is possible in approximately 6 weeks

The complexity of the implementation varies. If utilities choose the standard variant, it is easier to integrate the software into the company. According to mquadr.at, the app can be tailored to the needs of a municipal utility in approximately six weeks and also be made available to its customers.

Helps customers improve their Wi-Fi experience

NetCologne is confident in the app: “Our Wi-Fi app is being used by many of our customers and helps them improve their Wi-Fi experience”, comments a company spokesperson. This leads to customers often solving their Wi-Fi issues themselves, which means they contact the company less frequently.

However, concrete numbers can’t be determined. With Corona, the topics Wi-Fi and home network have gained even more importance with the increase in streaming and home office. Because of that, contact volumes have risen across all company channels. Therefore, the reduction effect of the app can’t be put into definite numbers.