Trouble-free cable Internet with the new o2 my Service Suite

The new o2 my Service Suite is all about the high-speed cable Internet by o2. With this release, all users with a cable connection can receive support by the interactive o2 my Service Suite. Since it now can be used by both DSL and cable customers, the original o2 DSL Service Suite was renamed: Behind the new name it still is the well-known suite with even better service. As it is based on the latest m2suite home, customers of o2 automatically benefit from performance increases and improvements that were developed since the last release. The suite is available to both Windows and Mac users.

All about cable

With the integration of the cable router FRITZ!Box 6660, all router features of the o2 my Service Suite were extended with new, specifically created cable functionalities. This starts with the Internet setup that now contains a completely new assistant for the setup of the FRITZ!Box 6660. In analogy to the classic DSL assistant, this makes sure that users are guided and interactively supported by clear graphics and manuals during the entire setup process.

Internet setup

Internet setup

The feature “Router change” now even allows users to switch between different Internet access technologies. In case a customer wants to change from an existing DSL access to cable or vice versa, this feature provides the right support for a quick and easy switch.

Automatic error analysis and repair functions cover the new FRITZ!Box too. If a problem with the cable access arises, the o2 my Service Suite recognises the error and offers the appropriate repair options and guides.


Selfrepair details

The telephone setup assistant is ready for the new FRITZ!Box 6660 as well. Not just for DSL anymore, the features for setting up wired and wireless phones now also help cable customers with configuring and managing their telephone connection.

Powerline with new overview

The Powerline features were also improved further for this realease and offer o2 customers even more options for optimally managing their Powerline network. With the new Powerline overview, users can oversee their network in a straightforward way. The feature informs users about the connection speed between all adapters in the Powerline network. This makes it easy to quickly check the connection speed between, for example, the office and the living room. In addition to the status indicators, the Powerline management also offers control over encryption and configuration. Detailed information, for example about the manufacturer or the current firmware, are available with just a click as well.

This way, users can easily find out how they can optimally use their network by repositioning or switching an adapter.