Best on-site customer service with the new Proximus Home Optimizer by

For several years, the Belgian Provider Proximus has been using the desktop version of the Proximus Home Optimizer for field service technicians in addition to the mobile app . Both tools are used by technicians for troubleshooting at the customer’s home and have been well received. Based on the current version of m2suite home by, Proximus now launches a new version for Windows, which contains completely new functions as well as improvements of existing features.

New tools for technicians

The Proximus Home Optimizer is a part of the new service strategy by Proximus, which aims at providing all customers with the same quality of service during an on-site technician appointment. To do so, Proximus is relying on standardising the tools that are used by the technicians. In addition, the processes during an appointment at the customer’s place are optimised. All technicians receive the same protocol of steps which they work through with the help of the Proximus Home Optimizer. Since they have to authenticate themselves with a special login to use all functions of the suite, Proximus can also check whether all steps of the protocol have been executed properly.

An important part of the new protocol is the reworked version of the proven speed test. In the new version it can automatically determine whether the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN. The technician can begin with a speed test via LAN to determine the base speed that arrives at the customer’s modem from the line. This makes it easy to find potential line problems. Afterwards, the technician can perform several Wi-Fi speed tests for comparison. These then show how the Internet speed behaves in different parts of the customer’s home and where potential losses of speed occur. In addition, the information from the tests is sent to Proximus via the new back end and saved in case the data is needed later. This can be relevant, for example, in case the customer runs into problems again, as it might be easier to narrow the issue down when comparing the new and old data. Thanks to the straight-forward graphical display of the speed test, the technician can easily explain the results to the customer and also suggest solutions or upselling options (e.g. a Wi-Fi booster or Powerline adapter).

Test internet speed

Test internet speed results

Another new addition is the features “Measure Wi-Fi signal strength”. With it, technicians can walk through the apartment of the customer with their laptop. A dynamic display shows them in which spots the WI-Fi reception is best. This way, dead spots can be found easily, which then allows customers to counteract them with, for example, a Wi-Fi Booster by Proximus.

Measure Wi-Fi signal

With the new Proximus Home Optimizer, both technicians and customers profit from more efficient problem finding, shorter appointments, and better service. At the same time, Proximus can make sure that issues the customer has can be found quickly during the paid technician appointment, while the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything.