Mastering everyday Internet challenges with the “SWS hilft”-App by Stadtwerke Schwerin

Stadtwerke Schwerin now support their Internet customers with the new self-service app “SWS hilft”. This puts the northern German municipal utility right in line with the trend: local energy suppliers are also advancing to become Internet providers and can thus offer their customers the most comprehensive service possible. “SWS hilft” makes it easy to master everyday Internet life carefree: the app offers all the important tools needed to optimize and manage one’s own home network. “SWS hilft” is now available for download in the Play Store and App Store for both Android and iOS:

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“SWS hilft” is based on the latest version of the market-proven basic product m2suite mobile by Combining technical know-how with user-friendly handling, it is an easy-to-use app. As a result, Stadtwerke Schwerin is taking another important step towards expanding and optimizing customer support and self-service.

Features to make Internet life easier

Within the „SWS hilft“-App there are six tiles to be discovered, grouping the numerous functionalities thematically:

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Selecting the “Anschluss Diagnose” tile starts a basic analysis of the user’s current Internet access. In doing so, the user is enabled to check and correct problems or errors independently. After the basic analysis has been completed, the user is shown a clear overview of all areas that might influence the Internet access, including the current status. If an error is found, the app interactively offers the appropriate solution for correcting it. If no technical problem is found in the home network, but the user still feels that his Internet access is not working properly, he can start the detailed analysis after finishing the basic analysis. The detailed analysis not only checks for obvious errors or malfunctions, but also analyzes the entire home network for possible optimization potential, e.g. where improvements could still be made. When the user runs the detailed analysis, he is asked to narrow down the problem he perceives: what happens how often on which devices. Based on the details provided, a further analysis is started, which checks the specified problem. The user is then offered various options for solving the problem. Additionally, the user can receives helpful tips and tricks to optimize the described situation.

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The “Mein WLAN” tile offers various helpful tools for the user’s Wi-Fi: In addition to the core function “Connect to Wi-Fi”, one can find the helpful feature “Optimize Wi-Fi channel”. By starting the feature, the best Wi-Fi channel is automatically determined and set with a single click. In addition, the user can also analyze the Wi-Fi environment. The result is revealed as detailed graphical overview of the different Wi-Fis in the user’s current sphere. Furthermore, a list of available Wi-Fis including many interesting and technical details is being provided. Moreover, the “SWS hilft” app offers general tips and tricks on topics such as Wi-Fi range, Wi-Fi security and Wi-Fi quality. This empowers users to “help themselves” by quickly identifying and solving

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Numerous information and exciting functions about the own router are to be discovered behind the tile of the same name: “Router”. Starting with the display of the router information as well as the connected devices and continuing with the simple administration of the most important settings and functions of the own router. In addition, the “SWS hilft” app can be used to manage and change the user’s Wi-Fi data, which is automatically read out by the app - for both the 2.4 and 5 GHZ frequency bands. The app also automatically evaluates the security level of the selected Wi-Fi name or password. Another function that greatly increases everyday Internet convenience is the simple setup of a guest Wi-Fi access. Just as with one’s own Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi name and password are set for the guest account; the additional network can be activated or deactivated directly via the app as required. This way, the user can protect his personal data and easily provide his visitors with secure Wi-Fi access. And if the whole network seems to be broken altogether, “SWS hilft” can be used to conveniently restart one’s own router with just one click - because a simple restart is often the solution to the problem.

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The various measurement and test functions within the “Heimnetzwerk” area help to optimally set up the user’s own Wi-Fi and all the associated setting options. The “Measure Wi-Fi signal” feature allows users to measure and evaluate the strength of their own Wi-Fi signal both at the current location and in comparison of the individual rooms. This makes it easy to find weak points and for example fix them with the help of a Wi-Fi repeater. With the “Position repeater” feature, the user starts an interactive search to find the best place for a Wi-Fi repeater, always guided and supported by the “SWS hilft” app. Precise instructions such as “too close to the router” help to find the optimal location for a Wi-Fi repeater in the user’s home. In addition to the signal strength, the Wi-Fi throughput can also be measured. This tool indicates how the speed between the mobile device and the router behaves. Starting the feature “Wi-Fi throughput measurement”, a measurement is performed over a self-defined period of time. The results are displayed in real time in a clear graph, making it possible to conveniently monitor and compare the development over a longer period of time. To get an accurate indication of the current Internet speed, it can also be tested with a simple click (leading to The “Scan network devices” feature can also be found via the “Heimnetzwerk” tile. This feature quickly scans and determines which devices are connected to the user’s network. To obtain a better overview, the practical sorting function lists the entries in groups according to various criteria. As a result, the user can easily understand which devices may be “unnecessarily” or “undesirably” connected to one’s network and thus throttle the bandwidth.

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The “Öffentliches city.WLAN” tile, specially tailored to the requirements and purposes of Stadtwerke Schwerin, offers various information on “city.WLAN Schwerin”. With the “city.WLAN Schwerin” app, customers of Stadtwerke Schwerin can use Wi-Fi at public places as well as in public transport for 60 minutes a day free of charge. By opening the “Öffentliches city.WLAN” menu, the user can find out about the advantages of premium access, call up a location map of the various “city.WLAN Schwerin” hotspots, and generally learn more about using the “city.WLAN Schwerin” app.

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By opening the “Kontakt” tile, the user is shown the contact options with Stadtwerke Schwerin as well as the corresponding customer attendance and opening times without the inconvenience of starting a search.

“SWS hilft”: easy to discover, quickly start benefiting

The “SWS hilft” app offers both Android and iOS users all the tools they need to master everyday Internet life comfortably and effortlessly. The app can either be searched for directly in the respective stores under the name “SWS hilft” and then downloaded free of charge or, even more conveniently, found by scanning the QR code printed on the FRITZ!Box router. In order to make the use of “SWS hilft” even easier and more attractive, Stadtwerke Schwerin is taking a step further in supporting their customers: all FRITZ!Box routers distributed by the municipal utility will be equipped with a QR code sticker that leads the customer directly to the installation of the “SWS hilft” app. This service makes it even simpler for the residents of Schwerin to discover and take advantage of the many benefits of “SWS hilft”.