enlarge their browser portfolio

As of now m2webalizer and m2webcenter support Opera browser, Netscape and Mozilla, as well as the appropriate E-Mail clients M2, Netscape and Mozilla Messenger…

In the course of their research and development activities, has completed the integration of browsers and E-Mail clients that are available on the Software market alternatively to the solutions offered by Microsoft®. Within the fully automatic installation routine m2webalizer, ISPs have henceforth the opportunity to offer their customers the browsers Opera (from version 6.x), as well as Netscape (from 6.x) and Mozilla (from 1.4). All of these browsers can be made available and installed in addition to or as alternatives to Microsoft® Internet Explorer; as usual, setup of all required Internet options (bookmarks, start page, connection settings, further options, and many more) is carried out automatically, irrespective of the selected type of browser. In addition to this, also the corresponding E-Mail Clients Opera M2, Netscape Messenger and Mozilla Mail can be configured automatically during the installation of m2webalizer. It goes without saying that customer specific configuration of E-Mail accounts (POP3 and SMTP servers), news accounts as well as all further E-Mail options are also covered for these E-Mail clients.

Obviously, our revolutionary Internet command centre m2webcenter also supports our new and wider range of browsers and E-Mail Clients. As usual, all relevant browser settings, E-Mail accounts and additional settings are presented in a transparent way and can very easily be administered. Changes like creating new E-Mail accounts can be carried out quickly with just a few mouse clicks.

Our partnership with the Norwegian based company Opera , as well as extensive research in the field of Netscape/Mozilla are responsible for such a technological head start and enable to offer customers a diversified portfolio of up-to-ate alternative browsers and E-Mail programmes that are truly state of the art.