Telekom Austria commissioned to develop a new AonInternet configuration software…

In order to create the best possible prerequisites for successful co-operations with PC resellers, Telekom Austria commissioned to develop a new AonFlash (Dial-in) and AonSpeed (ADSL) configuration software.

Under the name of AonInternet, configuration software was created that enables users, who purchase a computer from one of Telekom Austria’s co-operation partners, quick registration and setup of AonSpeed or AonFlash Internet access. Following the new design of the Aon customer area at , new Macromedia interfaces as well as adequate design elements were integrated. As from now, Aon customers can choose one out of four options within AonInternet configuration software: thus a single mouse click suffices to install and configure either an AonSpeed (ADSL) or AonFlash (Dial-in) Internet account. However, if a customer has not registered for an Internet account yet, they can not only use the web to sign up for AonFlash, but henceforth they also have the possibility to register on-line for AonSpeed. By means of a guest account, prospective customers are connected to the Aon portal where they can select the desired AonSpeed product and register their own personal data. As soon as the registration has been processed, the ADSL line established and the access code has been sent to the customer, the respective AonSpeed Internet account can immediately be set up with just a few mouse clicks.

AonInternet thus provides comprehensive configuration software which complements Telekom Austria’s Internet portfolio for Dial-in as well as ADSL in the best possible way and represents a valuable add-on for the planned PC hardware and Internet access packages.