aonDialerControl launch

Telekom Austria offers cutting edge dialler protection software designed by…

Being continually confronted with dubious diallers causing high costs with Internet users, Telekom Austria has commissioned to develop a software solution that protects customers from such unwanted dialler applications. With the help of aonDialerControl, all connections established on the customer’s PC can be placed on a whitelist (for authorised connections only) or they can alternatively be blacklisted (for connections that must not be used for dialling into the Internet). In addition to this, aonDialerControl is equipped with an alert function: the setup of new connections is monitored and a warning is issued in case diallers attempt to install themselves onto the customer’s system. Any dial-up attempts arising from blacklisted diallers are stopped. Various additional functionalities such as dial-in documentation via dialler-log, easy inspection of all connections on the PC, quick delete function for erasing unwanted connections etc. offer consistent protection against expensive dial-in numbers.

aonDialerControl is offered free of charge to all Telekom Austria customers at .