Internet Software for Telesystem Tirol

Making the most of your Telesystem cable access with the new setup CD-Rom designed by…

Based on the compact Internet Installation wizard m2webalizer light, developed a dedicated Internet installation routine for Tyrolean cable provider Telesystem Tirol. As from now, the new software will support Telesystem customers with setting up their broadband Internet account: within the application, which has completely been adapted to Telesystem’s design requirements, users can select from various different types of access (Ethernet, USB and Wireless), as well as various different modems. Consequently, m2webalizer light adjusts any settings relevant for the required Internet account automatically on the user’s system. In order to offer their customers perfectly tuned services, user-specific configuration of browser and E-Mail client not only accounts for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, but also for alternative software such as Firefox and Thunderbird.

Telesystem’s new installation routine is provided to customers with immediate effect in two different versions, either on a CD-Rom or as Download.