wins cablecom as new customer

For Swiss ISP cablecom developed a volume counter application based on a completely new and unique technology…

The innovative application m2volumecounter was specifically adjusted to fit all technological prerequisites as well as functional requirements of cablecom, thus offering cablecom customers as “hispeed volumecounter” efficient information on their current data volume. Due to it’s integrated “packet-filtering technology”, all data transfer is being analysed on packet level which enables automatic filtering of unwanted data packages or those packets that are not relevant for invoicing (aggregate ARP traffic to be more concise), ensuring correct display of only the relevant data volume. Therefore, all measurement results of the new hispeed volumecounter correspond exactly to the actually generated data volume.

The highspeed volumecounter application offers a dedicated, permanently visible status window, which provides information on the current up- and download volume that is exact to the second. Within a separate window, cablecom customers can access support and product information as well as a series of individual settings: the design of the status window can be adjusted for example, as well as the type of warning that is issued once a certain download limit has been reached. As an additional feature, a link to the cablecom portal has been included, enabling users to quickly access their individual up- and download statistics which are presented online in the cablecom customer service center.

cablecom’s hispeed volumecounter was created in four languages, which can be changed dynamically and is with immediate effect offered to all cablecom customers as free download!