Revenue and expense statement at a glance breaks new ground and launches together with extern human resources the ultimate revenue and expenses calculator - m2gewinn

m2gewinn represents a completely new, web-based calculation tool that enables self-employed people lacking accounting skills to easily create their personalised and detailed revenue and expense statement at the push of a single button. After going through a secure login at , clearly designed tables support the user in entering all invoice items relevant for tax return. Deferred income tax as well as estimated social security contributions are calculated automatically and presented within a clearly arranged report. Apart from massively facilitating the administration of the current household budget, m2gewinn also helps reducing costs charged by tax accountants for completing the annual financial statement, since they are no longer required to work through a number of badly formatted excel sheets or allocate invoices and other supporting documents. In addition to this, m2gewinn can be used by companies working with a great number of freelancers as an incentive for inciting their personnel to self-employment.

As a matter of fact this web-based application is the first one of this kind that not only includes a summary of all revenues and expenses but also provides an overview on income tax to be paid and current social security contributions! This is definitely a major advantage that not even professional accounting software takes into consideration!

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