Telekom Austria broadband relaunch

Groundbreaking redesign of aonInstallers for aonSpeed and aonPur in autumn 2006…

For the relaunch of all Telekom Austria broadband Internet access products, aonInstaller was essentially simplified, upgraded with new innovative functionalities and adapted according to the new Telekom Austria design requirements. In order to directly respond to customer requirements within the product design, the new layout of aonInstaller is based on the results of a comprehensive usability study. What is new? Comprehensive HTML support pages help users during the installation process, complicated selections (such as modem selection, Single or Multi User operation, etc.) have been removed from aonInstaller altogether and modem configuration is now carried out automatically by means of aonModemconfig which has been incorporated within the application. In addition to this, a fully pre-configured FTP-Client ( m2FTP ) is automatically installed on the user’s system in order to enable quick and easy setup of the webspace included within the Internet package without requiring any technical know how.

Next to the well-known automated setup of any aon broadband Internet account including automatic E-Mail setup (on the user’s PC as well as on Telekom Austria’s servers) new aonInstaller for aonSpeed and aonPur is characterised by its striking usability and a completely new design!

Details and further information can be found in our references list!