Windows Vista has arrived – we are ready for it

Existing Internet Software must be adapted to the new Microsoft operating system. Our customers do not have this problem – our access- and support-tools are already “Vista ready”!

For software-developers Windows Vista’s new features are an enormous challenge. Limited access authorization must be considered to insure clean installation of programs on the client system. Installation and setup of internet access and E-Mail accounts, installation of additional software as well as ISP specific safety adjustments operate now smoothly under Windows Vista. m2webalizer is Vista ready!

In order to provide efficient support services, it is of vital importance to correct false system settings automatically. Adapting m2webcenter to Windows Vista has been a special challenge: paid particular attention to automatically carrying out required changes and modifications on the users’ system without bothering them with inconvenient security messages. m2webcenter is Vista ready!

Often neglected, but nevertheless very important: automatic hardware configuration. Smooth communication with hardware supported by the ISPs (DSL modems, routers, VoiP hardware) has been the crucial hurdle to overcome. Naturally m2modemconfig is Vista ready as well, so it is possible to configure any hardware automatically.

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