wins VdK Telecom as new customer!

On behalf of German internet service provider VdK Telecom GmbH, has created a dial-in Internet access application and an innovative tool, which allows VdK customers to set up their E-Mail accounts with a single mouse click.

The installation assistant to configure VdK dial-in Internet access is based on’s product m2webalizer light. With this software, VdK customers are quickly guided through the automatic Internet access setup - technical know-how or manual installation guides are no longer necessary. Apart from creating and installing the actual DUN-connection, also VdK-specific adjustments (such as special security settings) are implemented automatically for Internet Explorer.

The new and innovative tool to create VdK E-Mail addresses is based on m2mailwizard and supports the setup of E-Mail addresses for Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Microsoft® Office Outlook, depending on which one of these clients is installed on the customer’s system. If several E-Mail programmes are available, a clearly arranged selection is provided. All VdK specific configuration settings (Domain, server addresses, etc.) are preset within the software, so that costumers are only required to enter their user data in order to create new Vdk-specific E-Mail accounts on the spot.

It goes without saying that these applications are Vista ready! Undoubtedly, VdK customers will benefit enormously from these innovative tools!