wins Tele2 as new customer!

For the largest Austrian alternative Telecom services provider Tele2, develops a professional Internet installation and support software, which from now on assists ADSL as well as Complete (xDSL) users…

For the new Tele2 Internet installation CD-Rom, which will be provided to ADSL as well as Complete customers from May 2007, the products m2webalizer and m2webcenter were specifically adjusted to the needs of the Austrian branch of the multinational Internet services provider. With the introduction of these applications, various tasks are carried out automatically, ranging from Internet connection setup or the configuration of browser and security settings to automatic E-Mail address registration as well as the setup of the desired E-Mail account within the selected E-Mail programme. Our modem configuration software m2modemconfig, which is also part of the new Internet setup package, carries out automatic modem configuration (for single as well as multi user) and takes care of the identification of specific TilGin modem data, in order to assure the correct modem configuration via the xDSL line before the actual client setup is started. All this is carried out automatically with just a single mouse click and without Tele2 users requiring any technical know how. In addition to the Internet setup software mentioned above, an innovative Tele2 support tool was created, which not only takes care of the identification of all settings relevant for the Internet connection but also enables users to easily repair and restore any faulty Internet or E-Mail settings. Next to support functionalities (such as Telnet, Ping, IPconfig, etc.), Tele2 customers can easily setup additional E-mail addresses or access various important portal services such as webmail or online billing from the application.

During the development of these software packages specific market research results regarding the Tele2 customer base and the distribution of operating systems (WIN98-WIN Vista) as well as the usage of different types of access technology (Ethernet and USB) were taken into consideration. To round off the whole software package, Tele2 provides their customers the FTP client m2ftp as freeware on their Internet setup CD-Rom!

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