enhances Telekom Austria’s aonController

In the course of relaunching the existing aon software portfolio, was commissioned to enhance aonController with some innovative features and simultaneously prepare it for the new Operating System WinVista…

Part of this enhancement process of aonController involved a completely new graphical design of user interfaces based on the new requirements of Telekom Austria. Besides preparing the application for the new Operating System Win Vista, thus enabling all new Vista customers to use the well tested software, aonController was equipped with two new powerful functionalities to name but a few:

First, based on an in-depth system analysis, a newly designed status report provides users as well as call centre agents at the push of a button with detailed information on the customer’s PC: thus a very clearly arranged report presents all settings relevant for the actual Internet access (such as modem, network interface card, browser, security settings, etc.) as well as user specific information on software as well as hardware configuration of each specific PC.

Second, a new degree of service automation could be achieved by integrating the client-server mailbox manager within aonController. As from now, aon customers can administer (set up, change, delete) their aon E-Mail addresses within aonController locally (on the client PC), as well as on Telekom Austria’s servers in a single procedure. Already existing aon E-mail addresses that are already registered on Telekom Austria’s servers, can easily be setup within the selected E-Mail programme with just a single mouse click, without the user having to deal with a technically complicated manual setup.

Within the next days, new aonController will be provided to aon customers for download – existing aon customers will be provided with the new version via the integrated live update functionality, which brings this new innovation onto the users’ desktop with a single mouse click!