developed new cablecom installer!

Equipped with a variety of innovative features and functions, created an entirely new „cablecom installer“ for the swiss Internet provider cablecom GmbH…

Based on a previously offered installation-CD developed an entirely new software which allows cablecom customers an easy set up of their cable Internet access, including automatic registration and organisation of e-mail addresses as well as set up and configuration of a wireless network connection.

A focus on security, a simple and rapid installation process and supplemental functions, such as installing additional software or to easily add another PC to an existing WLAN - are the main features of this application.

This new Internet installation software offers all the necessary safety preferences, firewall settings, an automatic modem/router-detection, as well as built-in help-tools. It is equipped with a fully automatic WLAN-configuration and a detailed reporting-system which informs cablecom about the use of their installation CD: a separate web-interface allows cablecom to view up to date statistics about the number of successful Internet installations, the distribution of operating systems, browser and e-mail clients, etc.

Last but not least, there is an innovative new feature: for the first time an Internet access software is equipped with a comprehensive status report. On a mouse-click users will know all relevant information about their system and Internet settings. This information may also be printed out or saved for storage.

From now on cablecom delivers this Windows Vista ready software to their customers via CD-ROM. For further information and details on this exciting new product, please see our reference list !