developed a brand new software for e-mail migration for Sunrise

The Swiss Internet Service Provider Sunrise Communications AG authorised to develop a dedicated application to enable their customers to effortlessly migrate to a new e-mail platform.

The software solution for automatically migrating existing Sunrise e-mail accounts was specifically customised considering the requirements of Sunrise and allows existing customers to easily adapt their e-mail clients to the new required settings - without the need of any manual interaction and knowledge about technical details.

Due to the fact, that the existing Sunrise e-mail services freesurf plus, mysunrise and premiumsurf will be discontinued in a few month, customers have to transfer their e-mail accounts to the new “Sunrise mail” platform. The brand new e-mail migration tool converts the supported e-mail clients fully automatically.

The user starts the application and selects in a clearly arranged listing of all existing and locally setup e-mail accounts the one that has to be transferred. After entering the user data, the chosen account will be setup automatically for the appropriate e-mail client.

Additionally the e-mail migration tool provides convenient functions to setup completely new e-mail addresses. This is an alternative if customers do not want to transfer an existing e-mail address rather then setting up a just registered e-mail address locally in the suitable e-mail client.

This trilingual application, which may be downloaded by customers of Sunrise straight away, will be automatically and completely removed from the client’s system after successful migration or setup of a Sunrise e-mail account.