wins Swisscom as new customer

For Swisscom AG, the largest full service provider in Switzerland develops a customised software solution for Wi-Fi configuration.

Based on m2wlan - the tool from for fully automated setup of a wireless network - the “Wi-Fi Configurator” was built explicitly considering the specific requirements of Swisscom. All Swisscom customers are now able to automatically setup their own Wi-Fi Internet access without any technical know-how and without the need of installation guidelines. In addition to the automatic setup process of the wireless network connection, also the Swisscom generated and customer specific Wi-Fi credentials will be taken automatically from Swisscom and if necessary a Wi-Fi router configuration will be triggered as well.

This innovative tool is offered for download at the customer centre of Swisscom for a first time configuration as well as for existing Swisscom customers who like to switch to Wi-Fi technology or who make changes in their existing Wi-Fi configuration.

It goes without saying that this application is fit for Microsoft® Windows® Vista and operates with all major Internet browsers. By using this “one-button” solution Swisscom customers are able to enjoy this fully automated solution directly inside the Swisscom customer centre.

Soon you will be able to read more about the “Swisscom Wi-Fi Configurator” and about further projects with Swisscom in our list of references !