enhances Kabel Deutschland Installer and establishes cooperation with D-Link! has recently added ‘Kabel E-Mail’ and new D-Link hardware to their extremely successful Kabel Deutschland Installer…

The latest version of’s Kabel Deutschland Internet installation software includes enhancements in two main areas:

‘Kabel E-Mail’ set-up

When Kabel Deutschland customers carry out their automatic Internet set-up, they now also have the option to set up their Kabel Deutschland e-mail address. They can either choose to run the ‘Kabel E-Mail’ set-up during the initial installation, or they can run the set-up procedure anytime later by selecting a menu item on the installation CD. In both cases set-up incorporates the necessary registration or login to Kabel Deutschland’s customer centre, the subsequent, server-side registration of a Kabel Deutschland e-mail address and the client-side set-up of this e-mail address in the selected e-mail program. Clearly structured Kabel Deutschland interfaces facilitate a smooth set-up that is simple for customers to run and fast.

Support for new D-Link WLAN routers and D-Link USB flash drives has also been integrated into the software as part of this software release. This upgrade affects both the respective hardware connection animations as well as the technical integration (automatic router configuration, USB driver installation, etc). The close cooperation with D-Link enabled the new hardware to be integrated entirely flawlessly. Interfaces provided specifically for the hardware configuration allow ‘clean’ access to the new WLAN routers and represent an enormous improvement in terms of usability for end customers as well as for future hardware extensions.

Kabel Deutschland will be making this upgraded application available to its customers within the next few days in the form of an installation CD-ROM. is already planning further enhancements to this comprehensive installer. Read more about this soon.