develops mobile broadband Internet set-up software for Telekom Austria!

Telekom Austria TA AG’s recently launched ‘aonFlex’ solution is an Internet product that combines ‘broadband Internet via landline’ and ‘mobile broadband Internet’ and so allows aon Internet customers to use both technologies at any time with only one customer ID. aon customers can now be online anywhere and anytime‚Ķ’s Internet set-up software combines both access technologies in a single installer and automatically installs and configures these access technologies on the customer’s system. This is the first ever combined product to support and offer both conventional broadband Internet access via landline as well as mobile broadband Internet access. This solution gives Telekom Austria customers convenient, round-the-clock Internet access based on the respective broadband access technology that is available (landline/WLAN/mobile): Users are either connected via a network cable or WLAN (fixed connection) or they can utilise mobile broadband Internet access.’s Internet installation software, which is already successfully employed to automatically set up Telekom Austria’s ADSL Internet access (m2webalizer), serves as the broadband Internet via landline installer. As before, all the settings and configurations required to successfully set up ADSL Internet access are covered by the software: these range from the hardware installation including set-up animations, automatic modem searching and modem or WLAN configuration to the client-side configuration of the customer’s complete system according to Telekom Austria’s requirements.

In a second installation step the new mobile broadband Internet installer automatically sets up Telekom Austria’s mobile broadband Internet access (aonFlex). This installer is also easy to use thanks to the integrated hardware animations and, as usual, equal attention is paid to the configuration of the mobile broadband hardware (mobile broadband modem HUAWEI E270) and software.

In order to make it as easy as possible for customers to actually use and switch between these broadband technologies as it is to set up the technologies, a special ‘aonFlex Connectionmanager’ and so-called ‘guard software’ (aonFlex Guard) have been developed for Telekom Austria and integrated into the software.

The ‘aonFlex Connectionmananger’ serves to configure and control the mobile network access once it is successfully installed onto the customer’s system. In addition, all common functions such as PIN input, automatic network selection through to the administration of the respective access technology are clear and simple to use.

The task of the ‘aonFlex Guard’ guard software, on the other hand, is to ensure automatic switching to the available or preferred network access technology (landline/WLAN/mobile), so that customers are not required to do this themselves.

This solution, both in terms of the end product offered by Telekom Austria as well as the technical implementation carried out by, represents an absolute innovation on the Austrian Internet market that offers users the highest degree of convenience and maximum Telekom Austria Internet access availability.