wins customer mobilkom austria AG and creates the multifunctional A1 dashboard! establishes itself as software partner of mobilkom austria extending its field of activity towards mobile service providers…

The recently contracted cooperation between mobilkom austria AG and means close and professional collaboration for both companies in their common objective to bring new and innovative products for mobile end-users to the market. The first result to see the light of day is the “A1 dashboard” launched by mobilkom Austria as a functional component of “A1 BREITBAND UNLIMITED”. Intense collaboration on this user-friendly connection manager created a product compliant to the high quality standards of both, in their segment market- leading, companies.

The “A1 dashboard” with integrated broadband-installer (for mobile broadband internet and ADSL broadband internet), covers all segments from the configuration of the chosen internet access on the customer’s system to the comfortable administration of mobile broadband internet up to special dashboard functionalities. An installer coming with decent AI automatically installs mobile broadband- as well as DSL internet and configures any relevant parameter for the purpose. Anything from included animations showing how to correctly plug in the hardware to WLAN installation up to the configuration of necessary security-settings is offered to the customer.

In the process of internet setup the “A1 dashboard” is automatically installed on the customer system. Hence it supports the user in the administration of his mobile broadband internet access with all mobilkom-specific services and functionalities: from entering the PIN to connecting automatically to a network up to the creation and administration of contacts and sending/receiving SMS, “A1 BREITBAND UNLIMITED” offers anything to the customer in an user-friendly fashion.

The “A1 dashboard” is considered to be the prelude to a beneficial collaboration. Further products shall arise from the technology- and software partnership of mobilkom austria and

For more information and illustrative screenshots to the new “A1 dashboard” please refer to our reference list !

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