extends portfolio and concludes partnership with Netviewer is pleased to announce its partnership with Netviewer Austria GmbH. From now on can integrate Netviewer’s remote service products into its own support solutions. This new solution ideally complements the existing self-care processes and extends’s product portfolio with another item. ISPs using’s software can now support their customers even more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Often it is just a hasty click causing damage - and the customer needs help. Support can take care of such cases and solve the problem using remote support, provided an Internet connection exists. Customers do not need to install any particular software for this purpose. Support agents have an immediate view on the customer’s screen. This way they can avoid many possible misunderstandings and communication problems that are typical for telephone communication, and guide the customer unerringly and quickly to the correct solution. The support agent can also take initiative and take over control over the customer’s desktop. It goes without saying that confidentiality and data protection is ensured, as the customer decides if and how the support agent may access the system and which programs the agent may see. Thanks to this partnership offers a consistent portfolio for end user support, providing ISPs and their customers with optimal solutions for solving any kind of problem.

Netviewer Austria GmbH is a subsidiary of Netviewer AG Karlsruhe ( ). Founded 2001 in Karlsruhe, Netviewer is Europe’s leading provider of real-time collaboration software with currently over 280 employees worldwide. The Netviewer service enables users to view each other’s PC screen simultaneously in order to work on all kinds of documents, calculations or graphs together - regardless of where the participants are located. Real-time collaboration and communication via the internet significantly reduce the time and cost of travel and thus increase productivity. More than 14,000 corporations and SMEs from over 55 countries, including Daimler, SAP, Espresso Education, Capita, Admiral Insurance, British Horseracing Board, and Fidelity Investments all rely on the ease of use the Netviewer tools offer. With headquarters in Germany, Netviewer has subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy and Sweden.